Popcorn or Stucco Ceiling Removal and Repair

Removal in a day or less

A growing trend among homeowners in Newmarket, Aurora, King City, Richmond Hill and Markham is to have the popcorn or stucco finish removed from their ceilings. The skilled professionals at MacGillivray Painting & Decorating have mastered the technique of popcorn or stucco ceiling removal.

If you’ve made the decision to remove the popcorn or stucco finish from your ceiling, give us a call. In most cases, with an average size room, we can complete the removal in a day or less. We’re tidy too. To prevent any of the popcorn or stucco from getting onto your furnishings, or in your other rooms, we close off the work site in plastic. When the removal is complete, the plastic folds into its self and contains all of the debris. As for the actual work, we remove the stucco, skim coat the whole ceiling and then sand it so it looks like new.

We also do repairs to popcorn or stucco ceilings

Not everyone is interested in removing their popcorn or stucco ceiling. Despite the opinions of home decorating trend watchers, there are still many homeowners who like the textured look of a popcorn or stucco ceiling. For those who do, MacGillivray Painting & Decorating is also experienced and adept at popcorn or stucco ceiling repairs. Our techniques are tried and true, and when we have finished the repair, it will be difficult to detect where the damage to your popcorn or stucco ceiling was.

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