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Stairway Refinishing

Restore your home’s focal point

Perhaps your stairway is in need of refinishing because of years of wear and tear.


Or maybe you’re ready to refresh your staircase because it’s time for a whole new look.


Whatever the inspiration for the change to your stairway, you can count on the professionals at MacGillivray Painting & Decorating to refinish your staircase to look like new.


Homeowners in Newmarket, Aurora, King City, Richmond Hill and Markam have turned to MacGillivray Painting & Decorating for stairway refinishing for over 35 years because we have a reputation for high-quality work.


Preparing for Stairway Refinishing

We approach the entire stairway refinishing process with attention to detail.


During the preparation stage, we protect the surrounding areas of your home from dust by hanging plastic.


If necessary staircase spindles and railings are removed with care and to help keep dust to a minimum we use industry-leading, vacuum-assisted Festool sanders.


All existing varnish and stain is completely removed, and  holes or imperfections in the staircase treads, stringers, spindles or railing are filled and/or repaired.


Lastly, at the end of the work day, the entire site is thoroughly vacuumed.


Our Stairway Refinishing Process

Our commitment to quality stairway refinishing is uncompromising. We only use premium stain, paint and urethane to ensure achievement of the finest results.


If re-staining your staircase, we first apply the stain coat. Once that is completed and has dried, three coats of urethane varnish are applied to ensure durability and a beautiful finish.


A popular trend recently has been to refinish the staircase using both stain and paint. We have executed many such projects.


Whether using stain or paint, the process is the same. Surfaces are painstakingly prepared, then stained or painted, then sealed, using high-quality materials.


The bottom line: you can rely on MacGillivray Painting & Decorating to refinish your staircase and ensure that it remains a focal point you can be proud for years to come.

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