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Wallpaper Installation

At  a distance of 3 feet, you won’t be able to see a seam

Whether you’re home design plans are to wallpaper your powder room, a complete room or a hallway; or to add a dramatic mural to an accent wall, ensure the installation is done to beautiful precision by hiring MacGillivray Painting & Decorating.


We’ve installed 1,000s of rolls of wallpaper

For over 35 years we’ve been hanging wallpaper for customers in Newmarket, Aurora, King City, Richmond Hill and Markham.


JD MacGillivray, our lead installer, was trained by an old world European wallpaper hanger, learning the craft and serving as his right hand installer for a number of years before leaving to start his own business, MacGillivray Painting & Decorating.


Unparalleled wallpaper hanging expertise

MacGillivray Painting & Decorating has the experience and tools necessary to do the job right.


    • We “engineer the room” so the focal point of the wallpaper pattern is properly centred from the floor to the ceiling or over the sink, guaranteeing the pattern will look symmetrical.


    • Corners of walls are never built perfectly square that’s why you should never extend a roll of wallpaper across a corner (i.e. wraparound). If you do you will get pattern drifting and “roll around” corners where you can poke a finger through the paper. When we reach a corner, we always trim the paper, reposition it to start on the new wall and re-level it so the pattern is properly aligned from wall to wall.


    • Each wallpaper panel will be smooth, and seams and pleats virtually undetectable.


    • We know how long wallcovering adhesive needs to rest before application.


    • We have all the proper tools at our disposal—trimmers, splicers, edgers, smoothers, brushes, seam rollers and wallpaper cleaners.


    We’ll save you money and time

    Our wallpaper installation expertise can save you money. With over 35 years of experience as wallpaper hangers, we intuitively know the ideal place to cut wallpaper, which means we end up using less wallpaper than a do-it-yourself installer typically would.


    And don’t forget the time.


    We’ve hung 1,000s of rolls of wallpaper. Armed with that kind of experience, we can have your wallpaper installed in a fraction of the time it would take a homeowner tackling the job for the first time.


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