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Stucco Ceiling Removal

Stucco ceiling previously painted? No problem

A growing trend among homeowners in Newmarket, Aurora, King City, Richmond Hill and Markham is to have the popcorn or stucco finish removed from their ceilings. The skilled professionals at MacGillivray Painting & Decorating are the ones to call.


We employ the industry-leading Festool Planex Sander to remove stucco from ceilings. This vacuum-assisted machine greatly reduces the time required to do the job and keeps dust to a minimum. Most importantly, even stucco ceilings that have been painted multiple times with oil-based paint are no match for the Festool Planex Sander. 

A truly amazing tool. Using the Festool Planex Sander we’ve never had a stucco ceiling that we couldn’t remove every last bit of stucco from.

JD MacGillivray, Owner and Lead Painter, MacGillivray Painting & Decorating

Once all of the stucco has been removed, the ceiling receives two full skim coats followed by a final sanding using 320-grit sandpaper. This leaves your ceiling with a finish that’s as smooth as glass.


We’re tidy too

To prevent any of the popcorn or stucco from getting onto your furnishings, or in your other rooms, we close off the work site in plastic. We then cover all hardwood with floor protection.


We also repair popcorn or stucco ceilings

Not everyone is interested in removing the popcorn or stucco from their ceiling.


Despite the opinions of home decorating trend watchers, there are still many homeowners who like the textured look of a popcorn or stucco ceiling. For those who do, MacGillivray Painting & Decorating is also experienced and adept at popcorn or stucco ceiling repairs.


Our techniques are tried and true, and when we have finished the repair, it will be difficult to detect where the damage to your popcorn or stucco ceiling was.


Photo Credit: Festool Canada

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